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Posted : July 4, 2019

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Posted : July 4, 2019

Is now live – check it out at

King Henry’s website launched

Posted : July 4, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the new Website for King Henry VIII School Coventry has now been launched – check it out at

We’ve moved offices…

Posted : February 24, 2015

So, after nearly 25 years of sitting in the same office, we have finally moved premises out to the lovely countryside setting of Stoneleigh Park near Kenilworth, and are now happily ensconced in The Arthur Rank Centre, facing the main show ring and continuing to create innovative graphic design.

The move, of course, meant sifting through 25 years’ worth of crap – sorry, ‘filing’ – and what seemed like an endless procession of large boxes to be humped down four flights of stairs. What is amazing is that we still seem to have many files to sort through and, predictably, no time to do it as we are, as always, extremely busy. See my previous post from a couple of years ago regarding ‘cobbler’s shoes’. But, for a small business, I’m sure that’s definitely the right way to be.

Our working hours have changed slightly too. Since my last post Senior Designer Beccy has gone off and created a baby despite not having a brief to do so. Her maternity leave replacement – the wonderful Karen Blake – has agreed to stay on and work two days a week with us, enabling Beccy to work slightly longer days, but to have Wednesdays off to spend more time with her new little chap. Phil is still in the office three days a week helping out with all the property adverts. The original plan was that I would only work four longer days as well enabling me to make whoopee on a Friday – though, for various and sundry reasons, that doesn’t seem to have worked out just yet… the longer days part has, but the Fridays off seem to have escaped me. I live in hope. However, whatever day or time you ring us up you will still get the same response as you always have. The only real downside of the move has been the easy access to the farm shop (about 30 paces away) and equal easy access to their marvellous bacon butties.

Since being here we have already had three new business enquiries pop through the door – so it’s deffo onwards and upwards out here in the wilds of Warwickshire (well, not really ‘wild’ but you know what I mean).

More news to follow soon…

Welcome – at long last – to Ammac’s new website. We hope you like it.

Posted : March 18, 2013

It’s been a long gestation period – as these things often are. If you are sad enough, like me, to look up the phrase “Cobbler’s Shoes” on the internet, then you will find no end of sites which keep you occupied for a couple of minutes, try and sell you spurious internet bargains, viagra, breast enlargement and the like, and then inform you that the origin of the phrase is ‘unknown’ and leave you wondering why you bothered in the first place. That being said, one of the perils of keeping busy, especially in the current climate, is that one rarely has enough hours in the day to do in-house projects. And that’s our excuse. So no more excuses. Finito read more